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If you are facing any problem or if you have any issue regarding MS-paint. You can contact our  MS Paint Customer service executive for any kind of your query. You can also call our toll-free number which you can from our website.

What is MS-Paint?
MS-paint is a part of office suites which is developed by MICROSOFT. It is one of most popular drawing tool around the world. It is basically a drawing tool and simple graphics editor. it is available for Windows versions and supports images files like JPEG, JPG, TIFF.

 Features :

1. It is very simple and easy to use. Even if any beginner tries to use MS-Paint he/she didn't find that much of difficulty.
2. It is available for all versions of windows which is developed by the Microsoft.
3. You can select a maximum of 3 colors at a time for use.
4.You can select a primary color from the left click of the mouse and secondary color from the right click of the mouse. can add text, lines, and shapes.

Issues and fixes :

 Some of the users find that re-coloring doesn't work.
it can be fixed by removing the and then remove the corrupt file which causing the error.

 Sometimes cursor doesn't work.
You can solve the problem by replacing a new mouse, sometimes using the same mouse for a long time can cause this type of problem. But, if the problem is not solved by doing so then you can go to Microsoft and create and new account because the old one might be corrupted. these are basics reasons for having this problem.

Sometimes it shows some dirt means there are small bumps deposited in the paint film.
 It usually happens if the foreign particles enter the paint film. you can solve this problem by checking the mixing or filtration process.  

Sometimes it refuses to save the file.
Well, you can think about the problem deeply suppose if you have the only copy of the image and you didn't copy them or don't have the backup then what can you do?

This type of problem generally occurred while you resizing the image. When you going to save the re-sized image then it says paint can't save this file. you can rename your file to get over from this problem.For more, you can visit our website:

Further query:

Despite it is very simple it has some problems too, so if you have any problem regarding MS Paint. You can contact our Microsoft Paint Customer Support Executive. You can call it at our toll-free number, our  Microsoft Paint customer service executive is always 24/7 for your query.   

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